The Value of Law in Our Lives and Society

Do laws matters? Can we really live a full life by having laws? Aren’t the laws just there to regulate us and stop us from living a life we want to lead? It’s easy to say laws should be gone and that they don’t really matter but they do play a very important part in our lives. To be honest, millions think laws really don’t matter in life and that society would be far better off without them, but is that really so? What is the true value of law in our lives and in our societies?

There to Protect Us

We live our lives as we wish but what would happen if there were no laws? Society would certainly change and it might not be for the best. Drugs would be legal, murderers would have no legal comeback and there would be no end in sight for crime. Maybe crime wouldn’t exist much if there were no laws but in reality it’s not realistic. People will always break the law whether they intend to or otherwise and whether there are laws there already in place. Having no laws will mean there is very little protection available and that’s not ideal. However, when there are laws there in our lives and societies, they can help protect everyone. That is the real value of law—protection and safety.

It’s Not about Restricting Activities but Keeping People Safe

You might think laws will mean restricting your life and activities but in reality it doesn’t! This is about keeping people safe. There is every opportunity to keep someone safe when there are laws. Yes, laws can be broken and people can be hurt but they can be there to stop that. If there are no laws anyone can do whatever they like no matter who gets hurt. That is not right and it could mean serious discontent within society. A civilized society can’t work without laws simply because it can bring more danger to people going about daily life. It’s not right.

No Laws Means a Free-for-All

In a way, if there were no laws, it could potentially spell a free-for-all. Now, a free-for-all is awful because it’s every man, woman and child for themselves but that is no society we want. Essentially, you could get mugged on the street and no one would do anything about it. Taking the law into your own hands is not the way to behave. It’s not civilized and it’s not the society anyone wants to live in. Having no laws might appeal to a lot of people but once they are really gone, they will spell trouble and it won’t just be a little adjustment period that’s rocky. More details here:

Society Needs Law

Who doesn’t think law and order seems boring? Having a good society seems very dull but if there are no laws, society will change but it won’t all be for the better. Things can go from bad to worse in an instant and it’s potentially putting others at risk. It is time to think about life and society as a whole and whether taking away laws is really best. Sometimes, laws will be there to protect us and to help shield us from putting ourselves into a society where it’s all out war.

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