Does NC Work Comp Cover Ambulance Fees?

Employers have a duty to protect their workers. Everyone should get adequate protection from harm. Precautions should be taken to keep them safe and healthy. In case an accident still occurs despite these safety measures, then the employer should cover the medical costs, lost wages, and other related expenses. All of these are detailed in worker compensation laws.

The specifics vary from state to state, but the fundamentals are largely the same across the board. Workers in North Carolina can be confident that any work-related mishap or health issue will be covered, including the residents of Durham.   

Ambulance Fees

Accidents may result in injuries that require immediate medical attention. Company nurses and doctors may not have the means to treat the patients on their own with the facilities they have. In these cases, transport to a hospital must be arranged right away to minimize damage and improve the patient’s prognosis. This often means calling for an ambulance that includes emergency responders and specialized equipment.

Note that ambulance fees are not cheap. Even a journey of a few miles can cost a fortune. Fees and charges could reach thousands of dollars because of the services rendered apart from basic transportation. So, you might be wondering if NC work comp covers ambulance fees.

Coverage Requirements

Many people are shocked when they receiving billing for their ambulance ride. The massive fees can really put a dent on their budgets. Many will look for ways to reduce this amount or have it taken care of by insurance. Those who were injured at work may be able to pass the burden on the insurance provider.

However, the case will need to satisfy a few requirements. Not all ambulance rides are necessary, after all, so the patient will have to present documents that prove that it was vital in their case. The doctor can help by completing a medical necessity form and other papers.  

Remember that insurance companies will always try to limits their payouts. Patients may have to force them to provide coverage with the assistance of a Durham work comp attorney. Lawyers who specialize in the field know just what workers need to do to maximize their coverage. If they get denied by the insurance company, lawyers can step in to do whatever is needed to win an appeal. Those who are having difficulties should immediately call a work comp lawyer. Get their advice and follow their lead.



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