Quitting Your Job after Maternity Leave: Issues to Consider

Law and society has helped to change employment laws and guidelines and it’s amazing to say the least. Changes are sometimes good when it comes to helping to make the workplace friendlier for working mothers and fathers. Do you know how long you have after the birth of the child to return to work? Will you be able to handle the financial burden of the maternity leave? There are a lot of issues to consider when you’ve been thinking about quitting the job after maternity leave. Read on to find a few issues you have to think about today.

No Obligation for Accommodation

Let’s be honest, there is no need (or obligation) for an employer to specifically accommodate a new parent or parents after the birth of their child. For instance, employers do not have to by law, offer the employee flexible working hours or even offer the parents a part-time service either. Of course, there are laws to ensure an employee has a certain amount of time off when they are having the child as well as to become more accommodating to those who have issue surrounding their pregnancies. However, they do not have to be flexible. Some employers can choose to offer more flexible working hours but they are not obligated by law. Labor law such as this can often confuse people.

You Have the Right to Quit Your Job

Expectant mothers have the ability to quit their jobs whenever they feel like as long as they give sufficient notice. Some companies can require two to four weeks notice in order to get a replacement but depending on your working contract, you might not be able to quit so easily. If you have a contract that prevents you from quitting, you might have trouble leaving the job. However, in most cases, these limits on quitting don’t exist. You shouldn’t worry too much about quitting unless you have an employment contract which is designated for two or three year terms. Law and society is sometimes complicated over maternity and rights to quit so when you learn a little more about them, it’ll be far easier to deal with.

If You Quit, You Won’t Get Unemployment

What you do have to be aware of is that if you are choosing to quit voluntary, then you will not be eligible for any unemployment benefits. However, if you are fired or let go it might be possible to get those benefits. A lot of people don’t realize they aren’t eligible for unemployment when they quit but it’s very important to understand that so you don’t end up with no money and no job and a new baby. Labor law doesn’t always make these things clear. It’s very important to understand about unemployment so that you aren’t left without money. Learn more.

Understand Your Rights

Quitting a job is incredibly easy to do and most people have the right to quit their job also. However, there are certain limitations to what you are entitled to and there are certain laws in which you have to abide by. It’s really quite important to understand your legal and moral rights when it comes to employment laws. Law and society has changed the way employment laws are created and it’s interesting to see where it will lead in the future.

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Understand the Legal System by Knowing the Law

Who truly understands the legal system? The trouble with the legal system is that it’s full of jargon, a lot of technical terms that few people understand. In a way, it’s why some people distrust the legal system but there are ways to understand your legal system. Have you thought about getting to know the law? If you knew the local and federal laws, wouldn’t that potentially make it a little easier to understand the legal system?

Does the Law Matter?

The law matters whether you are 15, 50, or considerably older! The truth is that if you could actually get to know the laws then you might be able to understand the legal system more and in a sense, trust it more. That can be so important and really it’s something you should give a lot of consideration over too. Yes, the law matters and you should get to know them so that if you ever needed to, you could understand the legal system for yourself. It does make a real difference.

Why Do You Need to Understand the Local Laws?

If you know or understand the law you can remain on the right side of it! It’s good to know the law so that you get to understand it as well as know your rights. That is why it has become so important to know the laws and you will be able to understand the legal system far better as well. So many people don’t know these things and end up with a heap of trouble on your hands. Getting to know the basics of the law can help in a major way so that you get to understand the legal system.

Can You Really Keep on the Right Side of the Law?

Staying on the right side of the law is tough when you don’t know them. Far too many people aren’t sure of the laws and end up on the wrong side of them. You don’t want or need that and in reality it’s not necessary either. However, if you get to know the laws you can hopefully stay on the right side of them and get to understand and know the legal system too. You might not think too much about the laws or legal system but they will matter to you and it’s vital to ensure you understand even a small part of them so that you can get more.

Know Your Rights

Knowing the laws enable you to understand the legal system but also to help you understand your rights. Far too many people don’t know their rights within the legal system and it’s just not right. Everyone should get a fair idea of what the laws are so they can also understand their rights. If you don’t know these laws it can be hard to get to grips with the legal system should you ever find yourself facing. Why not get to know about your rights and maybe you will be able to trust the legal system better?

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The Value of Law in Our Lives and Society

Do laws matters? Can we really live a full life by having laws? Aren’t the laws just there to regulate us and stop us from living a life we want to lead? It’s easy to say laws should be gone and that they don’t really matter but they do play a very important part in our lives. To be honest, millions think laws really don’t matter in life and that society would be far better off without them, but is that really so? What is the true value of law in our lives and in our societies?

There to Protect Us

We live our lives as we wish but what would happen if there were no laws? Society would certainly change and it might not be for the best. Drugs would be legal, murderers would have no legal comeback and there would be no end in sight for crime. Maybe crime wouldn’t exist much if there were no laws but in reality it’s not realistic. People will always break the law whether they intend to or otherwise and whether there are laws there already in place. Having no laws will mean there is very little protection available and that’s not ideal. However, when there are laws there in our lives and societies, they can help protect everyone. That is the real value of law—protection and safety.

It’s Not about Restricting Activities but Keeping People Safe

You might think laws will mean restricting your life and activities but in reality it doesn’t! This is about keeping people safe. There is every opportunity to keep someone safe when there are laws. Yes, laws can be broken and people can be hurt but they can be there to stop that. If there are no laws anyone can do whatever they like no matter who gets hurt. That is not right and it could mean serious discontent within society. A civilized society can’t work without laws simply because it can bring more danger to people going about daily life. It’s not right.

No Laws Means a Free-for-All

In a way, if there were no laws, it could potentially spell a free-for-all. Now, a free-for-all is awful because it’s every man, woman and child for themselves but that is no society we want. Essentially, you could get mugged on the street and no one would do anything about it. Taking the law into your own hands is not the way to behave. It’s not civilized and it’s not the society anyone wants to live in. Having no laws might appeal to a lot of people but once they are really gone, they will spell trouble and it won’t just be a little adjustment period that’s rocky. More details here: http://www.henning-keedy.com/the-history-of-law-society-and-development/

Society Needs Law

Who doesn’t think law and order seems boring? Having a good society seems very dull but if there are no laws, society will change but it won’t all be for the better. Things can go from bad to worse in an instant and it’s potentially putting others at risk. It is time to think about life and society as a whole and whether taking away laws is really best. Sometimes, laws will be there to protect us and to help shield us from putting ourselves into a society where it’s all out war.

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law society

The History of Law Society and Development

We have laws to protect society and everyday people. People have rights; they have the right to work, to live without fear of being hurt and they have a right to walk down their street without being mugged. Law can help protect those values and over the years the law society has really developed into something which is very unique in today’s modern world. If you wish to find out more about the history of law society and it’s development, read on.

Laws Have Always Been Around

There has never been a time without law but the way in which laws were established and enforced has certainly changed. The very first laws, before the modern laws of late, they were very different from today. For instance, in the medieval times, there were laws that states enemies of the crowns would be executed without trial. Law societies in various regions in the world had ways to deal with certain elements including putting criminals in dungeons and putting them in the rack and even hanging them in front of a large crowd. However, today it has changed dramatically with more laws being enforced and put into place to protect society. Laws evolved from only putting people into criminal asylums to long-term prisons.

Prisons and Rehabilitation

Prisons have also changed during the course of the last one hundred years. The history of these buildings has been terrible at times and even modern times are not as impressive. In a sense, people have accused modern prisons in some areas to be over-easy with gaming consoles and televisions being present. That will be a debate which will rage on for many years to come. However, law society and the development of that have been fairly decent in recent years. Rehabilitation was not on many minds but in recent years there has been more done to establish good reforms and changes.

Death Penalties

Over the course of the last few hundred years, the death penalty has occurred in huge numbers. However, as the law has changed, the law society has also had a change to how they view death penalties. Yes, the death penalty in many areas still remains but there are fewer death penalty cases coming to pass. That is very interesting because it is changing the way people view the sentence. Of course, there are still many death penalty cases which occur but it doesn’t happen as often as you might think.

Laws Have Changed with the Times

In all honesty, the laws have been altered and changed as the years have gone by. As times have changes so too have laws and it’s interesting to see just how far they really have come. In truth, there are lots of ways to help move forward with the times and there will be more changes to the laws as the years roll by. What does the future hold? No one knows as it might be better laws some into place or that some other laws which are not as helpful come into place.

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